Sergei Bazilev


SERGEI BAZILEV is one of the founders of hyperrealism in Russia. He was born in Kiev in 1952.
In 1977 he graduated from Kiev Academy of Arts, and in 1988 from St.Petersburg Academy of Arts.
He is a member of Artists Union of the USSR.
He lives and works in Moscow.
  Since 1977 Bazilevís work has been shown in more then 50 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including solo exhibitions. Bazilevís works can be found in the collections of ten Russian museums, among them the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum; at least twenty museums of Europe and the USA, including some famous contemporary art museums such as the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and the Walter Bischoff Museum in Stuttgart, the Childrenís Fund at Prado Museum in Spain; and in many private collections in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries.
Sergei Bazilev has been working with the Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery since 2005.

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