IGOR TCHOLARIA was born in Ochamchiry - small town of Abkhazia (Georgia, USSR) in 11.09.1959. His family is one sister, one brother and father. His mother died when he was thirty.

       At the age of 12 his family discovers his talent and he is sent to the local capital Sukhumy to study at the art-school.

       He lives there with the family of  the friends of his parents and finely finishes this school in 1976 as one of the best students. In the same year he goes to Leningrad and enters to the Academy of art.

       He is greatly inspired by the French impressionists, Picasso and Mogdiliany, which are not welcomed by the soviet official art. As a result he has to leave Academy and to look for his own way in art. The hard life of a soviet unofficial artist comes to an end when Gorbachov Perestroika starts.

       Igor TCHOLARIA is noticed by European galleries and collectors. He goes to Italy, Finland, Holland with his exhibitions. British filmmakers make a documentary about his life. Last six years he is closely cooperated with Robinson's art gallery in Belgium and some other big galleries like Roy Miles in England.

       Lives and works in Russia (St.-Petersburg) and Belgium.

       Participated in over 40 exhibitions all over the world.

       Has been working with «Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery» since 1999.

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